Arc welding

What is arc in welding?

Arc welding is a widely used method in the field of industrial fabrication and construction, especially within the realms of architectural welding and architectural steel fabrication. This process involves the use of an electric arc to melt and join metals, a technique fundamental in creating strong, durable structures in various architectural projects.…

reinforcing and trench mesh

Reinforcing and Trench mesh production

In the world of construction, steel structures are indispensable for their strength, versatility, and durability. Particularly in Australia, two vital steel elements play a crucial role in many projects: Trench Mesh and Reinforcing Mesh. Their manufacturing process, marked by precision and stringent quality control, is a marvel of modern structural steel fabrication.…

HEY UP MIG Welder 140Amp Flux Core Welder

Top 20 Welding Machines for Australian Market

Welding is an essential skill in the field of structural steel and metal fabrication, a critical aspect of modern construction and engineering. For Australian professionals and hobbyists alike, selecting the right welding machine is paramount to achieving high-quality results. Our list presents the top 20 welding machines suited for the Australian market, catering to a wide range of needs in steel and metal fabrication.…

Steel Standards for the Building Industry in Australia

Steel Standards for the Building Industry in Australia

The building industry in Australia has long embraced steel for its strength, durability, and flexibility. Steel, a cornerstone material in construction, plays a pivotal role in modern architecture and engineering. This article dives deep into the standards governing steel use in Australia, focusing on structural integrity, welding, and steel fabrication, alongside the design principles that ensure steel’s optimal performance in building projects.…

Rebar welding

Rebar welding

Welding a rebar allows you to quickly make a strong frame of any size. However, the use of this technique is not always acceptable. The solution depends on the material of the rods and the load acting on them.

What is rebar?

Staircase welding and fabrication

Staircase fabrication process

Metal is an excellent material, we can assemble a variety of structures, with high reliability and durability. From metal we can easily make not only small lightweight stairs, but also solid construction of any complexity.

Stairs fabrication assembled according to instructions, will benefit all the architectural features of the house, will fit perfectly into any interior, both inside and outside the house.…

Welding in construction industry

Welding in construction industry

One of the main technological processes in the construction industry is the connection of parts and elements by welding. Welding is used in the manufacture and installation of metal and reinforced concrete structures, process pipelines and equipment of various grades of steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys, other materials.…

What Is CNC Machining

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining, or Computer Numerical Control machining, refers to a production technique in which industrial equipment and machinery are controlled by pre-programmed software application. The method may be utilized to operate a wide range of sophisticated gear, including mills, latches, and grinders.…

Welding History

Welding History

What is welding?

Welding is a technique of joining metallic parts through high temperatures, adding fillers to make a pool, and cooling them to allow their fusion. Materials used to generate heat sources include gas, electricity, laser beams, friction, and ultra-recently robotic-welding.…