Steel Staircase fabrication

Hume Steel is steel fabrication company based in Melbourne, offering metal-framed staircase fabrication for commercial and residential customers. We are renowned for offering: flat, spiral, helical and helix, free-standing, curved and straight staircases in Melbourne.

Our team of welders and engineers ensure that you get a staircase that fits, is structurally sound, can support heavy loads and is designed and fabricated to achieve the right look and function for your application.

Please get in touch for Steel Stairs fabrication

Our Steel staircases fabrication team has the knowledge and expertise to fabricate your staircase for your application, regardless of the design or configuration. You can expect to get a high quality, simple and durable steel staircase solution. We offer: materials and fabrication expertise for stair projects, fabrication and storage of fabrication materials.

With our expertise, we can also produce fully designed and fabricated staircases for clients on a turnkey basis, with the minimum of fuss or cost.

For us, the best way to manufacture is to fully understand the construction requirements of your project and, after that, to design the staircase system that best suits your needs.

Professional staircase design and welding

We have a fully qualified team of structural engineers to assist you. We carry a high standard of expertise and integrity and this can be seen in all the designs that we produce. Our engineers will always have your interest in mind and be professional at all times.
If you’re interested in Staircase or Metal fabrication, please contact the team at Hume Steel to discuss.