Nothing good has ever come out of a broken machine! Ultimately it leaves you unproductive until it gets fixed. We, at Humesteel understand how important the machines are for your organisations. Our team of experts have a profound knowledge on mechanical systems and their functionality.

We have classified our maintenance services into the following categories

Preventative maintenance

We schedule timely maintenance services to your machines around the year, so you don’t experience any sudden interruptions to your work. We have a unique system in which we tag all your machines and keep all the information related to the machines in your database which contains crucial information such as service dates, parts replaced etc.

Diagnostic testing

Checking the health of your machinery is the key for uninterrupted production lines. Our crew can assess and diagnose your machines for any defects and rectify the issues on the spot depending on the complexity.

Retro fitting

We know how much your machines or equipment mean to you. It can be a hassle when the spares of these machines aren’t available any more or if the machine gets too old and outdated. This is when ‘retro fittings’ are a preferred choice for the business owners. In this process, we restore your machine using customised parts by modifying and installing these elements which replace the damaged or outdated parts.


Not everyone is qualified to address the electrical issues of the machinery which can affect productivity and sometimes can cause a breakdown. Our qualified electrical technicians have been serving local businesses with their maintenance needs over the last 5 years and we’ve had many happy customers coming back.


This is a subtle art of updating your product, assembly or a machine by dismantling the old & worn out parts and replacing new functional parts to extend the product’s life cycle.