Machining dates back to 700 B.C, but back then there were no buttons as the manual lathe was the instrument of choice. Later in the 1700s A.D, steam power made things a bit easier. The manufacturing of machine tools on a large scale upgraded steel manufacturing processes all around the world, along with a host of other innovations. Since then, modern machining has gone from using punch cards in the 1940s to Computer aided technology for programming we use today.

We understand that your manufacturing jobs are important and there’s always a risk of breakdown, which can be caused by the quality of materials and poor workmanship.

At Humesteel, we have the flexibility to produce a diverse range of machined parts with the aid of our computer numerical controlled (CNC) capabilities. We adhere to our quality standards and the OHS policies tailor made for our organisation to achieve the required tolerances and eliminate errors. A number of techniques and diverse machines are utilised to manufacture high volumes of identical parts.

From the production of aircraft aluminium alloys to surgical bone drilling and custom automotive tools, precision machining is employed where an object contains parts.

Our approach focuses on streamlining, coordinating and consolidating. We start with what your requirements are and create a solution accordingly. The customer’s need drives every aspect of our response. Even if it’s a one-off part, assembly or a complex job, we are here to take care of your engineering needs

Hume steel maintenance fitters can disassemble your machinery on maintenance routines or on repairs to find faulty or worn parts which can be drawn on our cad software and manufactured on our in house machinery. Having our in house capabilities we are able to reassemble the machines and have you back in production at the earliest possible time.

Our machining capabilities can be defined as


  • Threading
  • Surface grinding
  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Cutting, Cropping & Punching
  • Bar bending

We can provide laser cut and machined combination parts, multiple process machined parts. We can also provide heat treatment for specific products.
Internal thread cutting solutions from one of part to multiple parts, zinc plating options are also available.