Civil & Demolition

Civil, construction and demolition is one of the prominent industries in Australia and has a share of 9% in the total GDP of the country. This industry has been constantly evolving in the wake of technology, with the updated tools, applications, processes and so. If there is one thing that this industry has taught us, is to adapt to the changes. The constant drive to keep up with the advancements in the industry has helped us to be progressive with times.

In any type of machine or the location you are operating or the type of terrain, the critical part of the machine is its attached work tool. Ground engaging tools are prone to increased wear and damage in most of the cases. However, a careless choice can lead to a number of complications like decreased durability, increased upkeep costs and fuel consumption.

Machinery and equipment being the essential part of the civil, Demolition and mining industry, we have a dedicated team at Humesteel for all your maintenance and repair needs.Our team can cater your on-site repairs and maintenance, as we understand the importance of downtime.
We have dealt with complex repairs in the past, our versatile workshop allows us to fabricate, machine and weld the parts to get your machinery up and running.

No matter if it’s a blade teeth, excavator bucket, all cutting edges, ground engaging tools are built from premium quality steel which gives you maximised longevity and enhanced material penetration. In simple terms, everything you need to perform an excellent job at first attempt.

Hume steel can provide you with the services related to

  • Excavation attachment
  • Repairs, maintenance, restoration
  • Heavy fabrication
  • Refurbishment
  • Cylinder shaft machining and repairs
  • Bushing on old and worn bushes
  • Attachment pins
  • Welded or bolted ripper teeth
Hume steel has also developed a wide range of products for the civil and construction industries these include.

  • Spreaders
  • Trench shields
  • Manhole covers aluminium
  • Rumble grids
  • Excavator Trailer and ramps
  • Heavy earth moving equipment
  • Custom access stairs with landing

Lightweight aluminium manhole cover which is made in two parts, connected with a piano hinge, so that it can be folded and stored away with ease.

Access ladder with landing and handrail – fabricated with square hollow section and walkway mesh with a Galvanised protection coating.

Refurbished excavator attachment – Replaced teeth on bucket which was damaged leaving the client unproductive.

Rumble grid – trucks and trailers pick up dirt and soil on their underside, so that the dirt can fall off the rumble or also known as cattle grid which causes vibration for any dirt fall off, so that this does not happen on the road, which can cause a hazardous situation.