Precast & Concrete

Precast industry has experienced consecutive changes over the last two decades in terms of innovation, design and infrastructure. There is a considerable rise of prefabricated assemblies and precast products in the market with the technological advancement. Hume Steel specializes in steel components with a wide variety of customized products suited for the concrete and precast industry.

Pre-Concrete Technologies

The need for structural and reinforcing steel is visible where there is use of concrete in the industry. At Humesteel, we specialize in most of the concrete construction but not limited to.

  • Precast concrete
  • Tilt-up concrete
  • Formwork concrete

To produce quality precast concrete products the most common equipment used includes reinforcing steel fabrication equipment, forming equipment and consolidation equipment. Most of the precast concrete producers have been using deformed steel bars for the reinforcement of their precast concrete products. Having a qualified/experienced personnel and appropriate equipment for cutting, bending & securing the reinforcing bars within the specified fabrication tolerances predominantly affects the quality and make of the reinforcing products.

Our products for the concrete construction industry ranges from high to low in terms of quantities. In a nutshell, we cater to the needs of all our customer’s jobs irrespective of how big or small it is. We strive to have all your steel requirements delivered to the site with the best lead times in the market. Our products and services range from

Temporary Mould forms and Jigs:

At Humesteel, we have fabricated moulds and jigs for concrete applications which makes it an ideal solution for repetitious concrete pouring jobs. Our system allows you to cast significantly more moulds in less time to achieve greater profits. This system provides consistency in the shape of moulds and the reliability you can trust.

Machine and equipment

Our team at Humesteel takes an innovative approach by modifying the tools and equipment used in the concrete construction industry to suit your custom job criteria. We not only modify the existing equipment but also retrofit parts to increase the longevity of the machine. We can also provide a solution to your maintenance and repair needs

Standard tools which are commonly used in this industry are (rebar processing machines and concrete vibrators, power trowels) We have also done repairs on Crete pumps, roller screeds Our expert technicians have troubleshooted a number of rebar processing machines in the past. We also have the expertise in working with vibrating systems, our team has engineered a high powered petrol vibrating system into electric for custom projects.

Cast-in plates

Hume Steel specialises not only in the generic cast-in plates which are industry standard but also custom cast-in plates which are used for the connection of concrete panels, floors and columns. The precast and tilt-up concrete industry uses cast in products like custom cast in plates, shear studs, ferrules and rebars. At Humesteel, we have the facility and expertise to fabricate any complex cast in plates on a Flat bar (plates), PFC or on Angles.

Reinforcement, dowel bars & starter bars

We source our steel from local suppliers to ensure that they meet Australian standards (GR 500). We have equipped our machinery to manufacture custom length starter bars with standard metric sizes as M12, M16, M20, M24, M27, M30 along with the required threads sizes. We also have the facility and machines to process and bend the bar to required shapes.
Hume steel starter bars have threads on both ends of the bar keeping the end user in mind. This enables the bar to have a nut on one end that can be driven on using power tools rather than turning each bar by hand saving time and reducing fatigue of employees at the same time as having a safer workplace.

Other products hume steel can offer are

  • Rebate brackets to efficiently build a parameter around the concrete slab
  • Holding down bolts also know as anchor bolts or embedment bolts this is a connection method of columns to slabs which cast into the concrete
  • Temporary bracing or props to laterally stiffen the forms parameter
  • Fixing, adaptors and brackets to secure the form prior to the pour