Tombolo Academy steel handrails for outdoor steps

Stainless steel handrails, famed for its corrosion resistance and strength, was the material of choice for the project. The choice wasn’t merely for durability but also for aesthetics. The lustrous, modern finish of stainless steel compliments the academy’s architectural design, thus enhancing the appeal of the exterior space.

Every step of the project’s journey, from concept to installation, took safety into serious consideration. The handrails serve as an essential guard against falls, especially in inclement weather when the outdoor steps can become slippery. Their ergonomic design ensures a firm grip for everyone, from the students to the faculty, contributing to the overall safety of the premises.

Stainless steel handrails

The stainless steel handrails are laser-cut, a technique that offers precision and repeatability. The individual handrail parts were then meticulously welded, a process renowned for producing strong, high-quality, and clean welds. The combination of steel laser cutting and welding provides a superior structural integrity that ensures the safety and durability of the handrails. After welding, the handrails undergo a passivation process. This chemical treatment enhances the stainless steel’s inherent corrosion resistance, making the handrails more durable and longer-lasting. The handrails are then given a satin finish. Apart from providing a sophisticated appearance, this finish also ensures a better grip, contributing to the overall safety of the handrails.

The handrails at Tombolo Academy design and installation meticulously follow the regulations of Australia. These regulations dictate specific parameters, including the handrail’s height, continuity, and handgrip dimensions.

The installation of the handrails is equally significant. To secure the handrails firmly, they are anchored into the concrete steps. This robust anchoring ensures the stability of the handrails, a vital aspect of safety, especially in a bustling educational environment like Tombolo Academy.

In summary, the Tombolo Academy steel handrails project stands as a sterling example of how steel fabrication and regulatory compliance can come together to create a structure that is not only appealing but also safe and functional. The journey from selecting the ideal material, employing precision techniques, following the regulations, to the final installation highlights the attention to detail necessary for a successful and safety-compliant project.