Staircase fabrication

In the technology of making of welding and fabrication of steel Staircase we have applied the type of welding: manual arc welding with a piece electrode.

Welding is as necessary technological process as metal working, cutting, casting, forging, stamping. Great technological capabilities of welding ensured its wide application in the manufacture and bridges, trusses and other structures. The prospects of welding, both scientifically and technically, are unlimited.

Manual ARC welding with coated electrodes is one of the most common types of welding used in the manufacture of welded structures.

Advantages of the method: simplicity and universality, the possibility to make connections in various spatial positions and working places. Fast, in terms of time, transition from one type of structure to another. Large variety of welded metals.

Highly skilled welders, performing work on welding critical structures, trusses, working under various pipelines. Welding is widely used in the manufacture of metal framing.