Ormond College

Our company was involved in the renovation of Ormond College. The project required a lot of knowledge in engineering welding for the construction. The work was carried out in accordance with all quality standards. Thanks to an innovative approach to architectural design, an impressive result was achieved by combining low cost materials and new forms of the building.
The simple and rough-looking reinforcement welding combined with an ingenious design approach to some elements of the building has acquired a look of sophistication and refinement.

Our company provides reinforcement welding services of any complexity and to any standard.
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Kebab Box structural steel fabrication


A food box is a small structural steel fabrication object designed for catering products or provision of various services. A food box primarily consists of a load-bearing prefabricated frame.
A food box is a construction of the following components

  • frame
  • exterior finish
  • interior finish
  • walls
  • roof
  • windows and door
  • flooring

Most of the food boxes are metal structures based on the frame of rolled steel pipe profiles. Such metal frame provides high resistance. A food shed, made on a metal frame-base, quality and cost-effective due to the affordable price of profiled pipes on the construction market. The cross-section of pipes is selected depending on the parameters and configuration of the shed.

Custom Mobile Food Truck Trailer

Custom mobile food trailer

We have completed custom food trailer manufacturing for Melbourne catering business. The mobile food trailer was crated according to the customer specifications and is now completed.

The food trailer design and development had a modular approach for speed and flexibility in future operations. The mobile food trailer was made out of galvanized steel with black finish with the floor covering inside made of latex. All hardware is made from stainless steel with the composite roof. The lightweight trailer has an 8ft maximum load capacity with a 420-liter fridge, a 600-litre kettle and a 135-litre electric kettle. We have the capability to build a different seating arrangement according to the customer requirements. The trailer weighs up to 850kg. The total weight of the trailer is 1800kg.

We have the experience of constructing food trailers for catering purposes since 2011. This was the result of years of experimenting and researching on the latest and modern food trailers available in the market. The food trailer was developed with a framework of framing and materials that have a high strength-to-weight ratio.