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Concrete Polishing: The Low-cost Path Towards Beautiful Floors

By nothingbutnet, Nov 17 2016 02:32AM

Over time, floors get scratched, cracked, discoloured and lifeless. What was once shiny will inevitably become dull. When this happens, homeowners are often torn between keeping the old and bringing in something new. Both have their own pros and cons. One of the most popular options is concrete resurfacing which allows the old to stay while creating fresh look.

Concrete Resurfacing Explained

We are living in an age of consumerism where people have gotten used to buying and discarding items on a regular basis. Instead of fixing broken things, we simply throw them away and look for the latest products to replace them. Floors may indeed be replaced if they are no longer viable but otherwise it may be wiser to have them restored.

By choosing this path, you can have stunning floors with minimum fuss. The contractor will simply coat the old with a thin overlay made from cement or polymer. This hides the damage and creates a perfect surface. It's also a good method for concrete leveling, repair and polishing.

The Benefits of Floor Rejuvenation

If you hire a concrete polishing Melbourne contractor, you can look forward to the following:

1. Affordable rates. The days of never-ending delays are over. With affordable rates, homeowners can get things started immediately without worrying about the expenses. The materials needed are relatively few and workers can finish the job rather quickly. Expect to shell out about a third of the cost of a new flooring.

2. Effective solution. This approach can be applied to virtually all kinds of concrete in residential and commercial establishments alike. If you want your office to be more presentable to clients or you wish for your home to look great for guests, then this is the way to go.

3. Multiple choices. Restoration doesn't mean you're stuck with the old look. It is possible to get a new design with your choice of colours, finishes and textures. There is an endless variety of combinations that you can try. Simulate the appearance of marble or other more expensive materials. Add a non-slip coating for safety. Create custom patterns that suit your personality. It's time to turn your ideas into reality.

4. Efficient path. Concrete leveling will not be a problem. The products used will spread evenly by themselves and workers will double-check just to make sure. In one go, all of the unsightly cracks will be hidden from view. The chipping and discoloration will no longer be visible. The process will be quick and easy. It's certainly more convenient than having to break up the old floor just to install a new one. For those who want minimal household disturbance, this is the most efficient path.

5. Durable installation. Due to their position, floors are quite prone to wear and tear. People are always walking all over them, heavy items get dropped on the surface, and furniture leaves marks as they are moved around. These should not be a cause for concern with slab rectification. Owners can be assured of long-term protection from damage. There will be special coatings on the surface to keep things looking flawless and shiny.

6. Stress-free maintenance. All it takes to maintain the concrete floor is an occasional application of a protective stain. Do this once a year and you should be good to go, or twice if you are feeling particularly motivated. This process is quick and easy. It's definitely a less intensive chore compared to the maintenance requirements of other types of surfaces.

7. Excellent returns. As renovation costs money, owners are justified in wanting the cost to pay dividends. Those who call on concrete polishing Melbourne professionals can be assured that their money is well-spent. The rooms will instantly look so much better and the people who use them will be safer as well. Non-slip coatings reduce the chances of accidents around the house so there are less worries about painful and costly injuries. Everyone who sees the new floors will be amazed at the transformation. For business owners, this is particularly important as first impressions can make or break deals.

What to Do with Damaged Floors

While slab rectification is powerful, it has its own limitations. This is not recommended for floors which are heavily damaged. Those with large cracks and holes will not be so easily repaired by pouring a layer of concrete on top. Heavy grinding is required. There might even be structural issues underneath that require a massive overhaul.

Hiring a Concrete Polishing Melbourne Specialist

It's a delicate job with much at stake. Be sure to give it to a contractor with excellent reputation and decades of experience for best results. There are quite a few companies in Melbourne offering the service so take your time checking their backgrounds. Compare their rates, reviews, warranty, and overall value for money.

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