Hume Steel prides itself on providing services in Melbourne, such Structural, Architectural and custom steel fabrication services in Victoria, however conveying full support of the client, particularly with regards to metal supply structure. Our architects are well-fit to work intimately with the customer to think about all the planned alternatives, select the best one and enhance the structure for the venture. Displayed here are a portion of the abilities of Hume Steel’s capabilities of a global team.


To introduce you to the exquisite sheet metal fabricators provider in Melbourne with a cost-effective efficiency we at Hume Steel are here to give you the best possible costing, staying straight forward through the procedure. Our strategy includes strategic investigation of the job that needs to be done, services to be utilized, plan and transportation to site. We’re prepared and holding on to catch wind of your organization’s most current task!!


Hume Steel prides itself in not just providing services but delivering an entire range of metal fabrication. We can set up a primer plan and produce a variant of your item with the guide of current apparatuses and programming. Our engineers have changing building foundations and are always prepared to execute new ideas and plans that will intrigue you.


Humesteel specializes in metal fabrication and construction work. We are certified metal fabricators proving our clients up to standard in a professional and quality driven manner. We offer custom fabrication as per client’s specifications! We at Humesteel take pride in what we are installing and do not let a little hard work get in the way of meeting your deadlines.

Machinery Procurement and Servicing

Reduce your lead time and cost with our machinery servicing! We have lifting administrations accessible for moving your steelworks. Both fit and productive in dealing with a wide range of metal development in the structure segment with the correct decision of hardware our establishments are managed with no issues. Our point is to make consistent work process which is accessible for our clients with all the correct gear and equipment.

Further not to just provide services, we at Humesteel adopt a different approach to metal fabrication which is customized to your individual necessities and requirements. Our skilled engineers have all been through installation, servicing, and job site safety training. No job to big or too small; feel free to contact us to quote your specific requirement.